ISSN 1996-4277

Scientific Journal
Founder – Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education
Altai State Agricultural University (FSBEI HPE ASAU)
Published from 2001.

Editor-in-Chief – N.A. Kolpakov, Dr. Agr. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Acting Rector, FSBEI HPE ASAU.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief – G.G. Morkovkin, Dr. Agr. Sci., Prof., Vice-Rector on Scientific Activities.
Executive Editor – V.A. Dyomin, Head, Sector of Intellectual Property Protection


  • Afanasyeva A.I., Dr. Bio. Sci., Prof., Dean, Bio-Technologic Dept., ASAU;
  • Balakirev N.A., Dr. Agr. Sci., Member of Russian Acad. of Agr. Sciences, Moscow State Academy of
  • Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin;
  • Bekhovykh L.A., Cand. Phys.-Math. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Dean, Natural Resources Mgt. Dept., ASAU;
  • Bondarenko S.I., Cand. Hist. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Director, Centre of Humanities, ASAU;
  • Zavalishin S.I., Cand. Agr. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Dean, Agronomy Dept., ASAU;
  • Ivanov A.V., Dr. Philos. Sci., Prof., Head, Philosophy Chair, ASAU;
  • Kizilkaya Ridvan, Ph.D., Soil Science, Assoc. Prof., Ondokuz Mayis University (Republic of Turkey);
  • Kovaleva I.V., Dr. Econ. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Dean, Economics Dept., ASAU;
  • Kosachev I.A., Cand. Agr. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Vice-Rector on Educational Activity Development, ASAU;
  • Kundius V.A., Dr. Econ. Sci., Prof., Director, Research Institute of Economics and Innovation Development of Agricultural Industry, ASAU;
  • Kurmanbayev S.K., Dr. Agr. Sci., Prof. of Economics, Member of Kazakh Acad. of Agr. Sciences, Kazakh Innovative University of Humanities and Law (Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • Mazirov M.A., Dr. Bio. Sci., Prof., Russian State Agricultural University – Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy;
  • Medvedeva L.V., Dr. Vet. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Dean, Veterinary Medicine Dept., ASAU;
  • Mueller Klaus, Dr. agr., Prof. of General Soil Science and Geology, Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences (Federal Republic of Germany);
  • Paramonov Ye.G., Dr. Agr. Sci., Prof., Institute for Water and Environmental Problems, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Pirozhkov D.N., Dr. Tech. Sci., Assoc. Prof., Dean, Engineering Dept., ASAU;
  • Khabarov S.N., Dr. Agr. Sci., Prof., Member of Russian Acad. of Agr. Sciences, Research Institute of Gardening in Siberia named after M.A. Lisavenko, Rus. Acad. of Agr. Sci., Barnaul;
  • Shein Ye.V., Dr. Bio. Sci., Prof., Lomonosov Moscow State University.

"Bulletin of Altai State Agricultural University" is included into the Russian Scientific Citation Index system (, and according to the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Certification Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 19. February, 2010, into the List of leading scientific peer-reviewed journals and publications recommended for publication of the main results of Doctoral and Candidate theses in Agronomy and Forestry; Engineering in Agricultural Industry; Animal Breeding and Veterinary Medicine; Biologic Sciences; Economics.

The Journal is included into AGRIS (International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology) FAO.
Full texts are available in the web-site of Scientific Electronic Library and in the web-site of Altai State Agricultural University


The Journal is registered by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Law in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection.

Certificate of media outlet registration PI No. FS77-22411 of 22.November, 2005.

Editorial Office Contact Information

Olga V. Ovtsinova, Editorial Office Assistant
Altai State Agricultural University
Krasnoarmeyskiy prospekt, 98; Office 128
Barnaul, 656049 Russia

Phone/fax: +7 (3852) 628358
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Bulletin of Altai State Agricultural University
Paper Submission Requirements

1. The papers should contain the results of research, theoretical, practical (innovative) achievements, ready to be applied and being topical (in-demand) at the present stage of scientific development, or be of scientific and educational interest, and be in accordance with the remit of the Journal.

2. The paper including supplementary data should not exceed 10 pages for research papers and 6 pages review papers; paper size A4; font Times New Roman; 14 pt size; 1.5 line spacing.

3. The following materials should be submitted to the editorial department:

    • The text of the paper in matching paper (two printed copies) and electronic (MS Word) versions. The paper version is printed on one side of a standard A4 office paper; the last page is signed by all the authors. The file name should contain the last name (surname) of the first author and the first three words of the title.
    • Cover letter written on the letterhead of the institution with a recommendation for publication if the materials submitted are the result of work carried out in this institution.
    • Author's (authors') Statement expressing consent to the open publication of the paper in the printed Journal's version and its electronic version in the Internet.
    • Photographs of the authors in JPEG format.

4. Paper Format:

    • The following items should be written on the first page:
      • Universal decimal code (UDC) in the left upper corner.
      • Title (uppercase letters, center alignment), concise, informative and reflecting the subject matter in the Russian and English languages.
      • At least 10 keywords, under the Title (in Russian and English).
      • Author names and affiliations. Last name (surname), name, patronymic (in full), scholastic degree, academic rank, position, institution (company) name, service address, telephone, e-mail (required).
    • The body of the paper is preceded by the Abstract (200-250 words, or not more than 2000 symbols including spaces) in the English and Russian languages which includes a brief statement of the content in accordance with paper's structure and brief conclusions and proposals. Computer-aided translation of the Abstract from Russian into English will not be accepted. Such papers will be rejected. The Abstract is not divided into paragraphs. Parenthesis is not used in the Abstract. Numerals, if not the first word in a sentence, are written in figures.
    • The paper describes the current state of the issue and includes the description of the research methods and the discussion of the obtained data. The text should be structured using the headings of the relevant sections: Introduction, Goal and Objectives, Methods, Experiment, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References.
    • The References, at least seven sources, are placed at the end of the paper. The list is compiled in accordance with the sequence of citation. The References in the text should be presented in square brackets, for example [1].
    • The Figures (if any) are included in the text in standard graphic formats with captions; Tables are presented in MS Word format; equations – in MS Word equation editor; abbreviated phrases are not abbreviated when first mentioned in the text (the same is the case for the Abstract). The units of physical values are presented according to the SI system.

5. Each paper should be accompanied by a referee report made by a Doctor of Sciences or a Candidate of Sciences (PhD) degree holder in the field of the presented research. The report confirms the novelty and topicality of the paper, the logic of presentation, scientific character, the validity of findings and conclusions, and includes the recommendations of the referee regarding the paper. The Referee Report is certified by the seal of the relevant institution (organization); the referee's signature is certified by the Head of Staff Office and includes the date it was written.

6. The submitted and accepted for publication papers will not be returned.

7. The publication is free of charge, provided six-month subscription to the Journal "Bulletin of Altai State Agricultural University" in accordance with the number of the authors.

8. The Editors reserve the right not to accept the manuscripts that do not meet these submission requirements, as well as the right to reproduce the submitted material (publication, reproduction) with no limit on the number of copies.

9. All manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal are peer-reviewed; based on the results of the peer-review the final decision on the publication of the submitted paper is made. The Editorial Board has the right to abridge the paper notifying the authors, and to make editorial corrections of the text.

10. The authors have a legal or other responsibility for the factual side of the submitted materials.